Trendy Fashion Jewelry At Bargain Prices

It’s no secret that many women heavily accessorize in the spring and summer months, but you could say that utilizing jewelry and similar accessories are even more important in the winter time. The dark colors and layers can certainly make you feel a little drab, especially if you live in a place with cold and harsh winters.

Fashion Jewelry Tips

Just as you add clothing to your wardrobe every season, you should also change out your fashion jewelry. When selecting your pieces, here are some trends to keep in mind:

Bracelets: When it comes to bracelets, beads are in this year. Stretch bracelets are one size fits all, and the fashion-forward are opting for beaded stretch bracelets.

Pendant Sets: Silver does well for the winter time and this year animal jewelry is taking the lead. Elephant, horse and penguin pendants can take your outfit up a notch this season. A charming holiday set includes snowflake earrings and a matching pendant.
Brooches: As with pendants, animals are creating a stir in brooches as well. Brooches have come back in a big way with teddy bears, kitties, poodles, and butterflies. Some other trendy suggestions include angels, ladybugs, and cherries.

In our modern world watches are viewed as a fashion accessory first, and as a way to tell time second. Keep an eye out for crocodile cuff watches, round or square wood cuff watches, and shell cuff watches.

Jewelry as Gifts

Of course, jewelry is always an appropriate gift. Gifts for teachers could include a gold brooch depicting a coffee mug with pencils, or a teacher’s prayer stretch bracelet. For those on your gift list who are religious, fashion jewelry can accurately reflect their spiritual beliefs. A multi-strand necklace with a cross would be an ideal gift, and the same goes for a cross-shaped charm and earring set.

Finding Bargain Prices

As anyone who has shopped for fashion jewelry and other accessories knows, adding spice to your wardrobe every season can be expensive. That’s why smart and savvy shoppers go online to buy fashion items. E-commerce stores don’t have the same overhead expenses as brick-and-mortar retailers, and they generally pass those savings on to you.

When you shop online for jewelry, make sure to select a company that guarantees their product and seems to strive for setting and reflecting popular trends. The ideal company should offer a broad but unique collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings while keeping their prices low.

This winter, don’t let the dark colors and big coats smother your style. Find some mesmerizing fashion jewelry and let your beauty shine despite the dim winter sun!

Fashion Trends in Arizona for the Fall Season

If you like keeping up with fashion in Arizona, you are probably looking for what is popular this fall season. Some fashion trends are making a comeback from the 80’s, and they look as good as they did then, with a few upgrades here and there.

Here are a few fashion trends for fall in Arizona that you should try out and bring out your fashionable side in the area where you live.

  • Animal Prints

If you want to come out looking glamorous in animal print, begin by letting go of all the preconceptions you have about animal print. Get inspiration of how to pull out the animal print by having a look at the runways of Givenchy, Tom Ford, and Victoria Beckham.

The prints have come out more tastefully this season than ever before. The outfits underneath are dressed down, and instead of heels, consider complimenting your look with flats. Animal prints on coats are set to be the big thing this fall.

  • Glossy Fabrics

Glossy fabrics are on the list of most top designers in the fall of 2018. Many designers are opting for plastic designs, which is a continuation of the summer trend. However, vinyl, leather, and latex are also conventional.

One famous collection is the Fendi collection that contains rain-proof finishes on metallic items in glossy materials. Coats and jackets will be more practical outfits in the brilliant fabric design than they have been in the recent years.  

  • Tailored Modesty

Most of the designers for the fall 2018 runways opted to focus on female sexuality while maintaining a modest look on their models. Famous designers like Balenciaga created fantastic layered offerings, with most of the outfits featuring dresses worn over stockings and shirts.

One thing that is coming out strongly is that the fashion this fall is a lot warmer than what was seen in the past. Christopher Kane and Saint Laurent are the only two designers who seem not to be following these trends in their collections.

  • Balaclavas

One theme that is strongly coming out in the catwalks for fall 2018 is pure practicality. Many designers are opting to clothe their models in an assortment of unusual headgear. Balaclavas are the most notable type, coming in Calvin Klein and Gucci designs. Dior has opted for a Baker Boy style which may last long after the fall season has ended.

  • Tweed

This style has strongly made its way back for both men and women. The most outstanding designer is Marc Jacobs with this material, creating a selection of well-designed leather skirts and oversized jackets. Louis Vuitton has had several models wearing tweed, but his focus is on tweed skirts with matching heels and blouses.


If you are a fashion lover who is on the lookout for what will trend in fall 2018, you cannot go wrong with the above styles. Tweed, Balaclavas, animal prints, and glossy fabrics are some styles you should not miss. Choose what fits you and step out in style this fall season.